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Injection Molding

Injection Molding


Havpak’s state of the art injection molding capabilities are second to none in providing our customers greater efficiency and bottom line SAVINGS.


Take all of the guesswork out of having high-quality parts molded with Havpak. Havpak has an experienced, scalable workforce that enables you to grow your business without having to absorb all of the labor costs, benefits, insurance requirements, and liability. Plus you never have to absorb the cost of the equipment or watch your investment depreciate, Havpak handles it all for you.


The Havpak team, works with you from start (designing your mold and tooling production) to finish (the actual molding of your parts, packing, assembly and shipping). All of this is part of Havpak's daily regimen and all work is always done to your strict S.O.P's (Standard Operating Procedures) to insure the highest quality.




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