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Havpak, Inc. Named a Procter & Gamble 2013 Top Supplier

Havpak, Inc. Named a Procter & Gamble 2013 Top Supplier

2013 P&G award 辛辛那提10月28日,2013 —  Havpak公司在2013年年度宝洁公司的业务合作伙伴颁奖晚宴上当选为表现最出色的业务合作伙伴。 在宝洁全球范围内的 82,000多个供应商和代理机构中,前80名供应商和机构被邀请出席晚宴。他们在与宝洁公司的合作中出色表现,他们的贡献在晚会上得到承认和赞美。 宝洁公司董事长,总裁兼首席执行官A.G.雷富礼在会上说:“对于宝洁来说,增长和价值创造的主要驱动力是创新和生产力。 宝洁的外部业务合作伙伴帮助我们实现了不仅为消费者创造价值,也同样为我们的客户和股东创造了价值”。Havpak公司连续五年被授予外部业务合作伙伴奖,两次荣获宝洁公司的供应商年度奖。

P&G Recognizes Havpak, Inc. as a Top Performing Global Partner

Procter & Gamble Recognizes Havpak, Inc. as a Top Performing Global Partner

CINCINNATI — September 12, 2012– The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) recognized its top performing external business partners during an awards ceremony at its annual External Business Partner Summit. Havpak, Inc. received a 2012 Procter & Gamble Company External Business Partner Excellence Award. This award is presented to only 0.1% of P&G’s global suppliers out of a global network of 75,000 P&G suppliers and agencies. Said P&G Chief Purchasing Officer, Rick Hughes, “P&G works with all business partners to reach excellence levels, and therefore there is no limit on the number of excellence awards that can be achieved. I’m always pleased to see repeat Excellence Award winners,” said Hughes. “That demonstrates that P&G and our top strategic business partners are collaborating and aligned on what’s most important for the business. That’s especially critical for the journey ahead.” Havpak, Inc. is a four-time recipient of this honor. Over 400 companies from thirty-six different countries attended the event.

Havpak Recognized as one of P&G’s Top Performing Global Suppliers

Havpak, Inc. Recognized as one of Procter & Gamble’s Top Performing Global Suppliers

October 7, 2010- Havpak, Incorporated, a King of Prussia-based company, was named a Supplier of the Year by Procter & Gamble during P&G’s annual supplier awards event. P&G hosted the event on October 6-7, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio to name its top performing suppliers. Havpak was one of six suppliers to receive this high honor among P&G’s more than 80,000 global suppliers. This was a repeat performance for Havpak as a previous recipient of this award in 2009.

In addition to the “Supplier of the Year” award, Havpak, Inc. also received its second consecutive “Corporate Supplier Excellence Award” as a company performing consistently at high levels within Procter & Gamble’s internal supplier performance management system.

“At a time when corporate America is often criticized as greedy, wasteful and only about self-gain, it was truly refreshing to participate and engage with Procter & Gamble during their recent global Supplier Summit” said James Hess, President of Havpak. “I am proud to align the business practices of Havpak with P&G’s dedication to quality, environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility and unsurpassed, uncompromised value for the consumer. Touching and improving the lives of people with top-notch products and services is a worthy goal for P&G and Havpak alike. It is truly an honor for Havpak to be chosen as a Procter & Gamble Supplier of the Year.”

Havpak, Inc., headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, provides packaging, assembly and contract manufacturing services for Procter & Gamble and other customers. Havpak, Inc. commenced operations in 1991 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, before relocating to King of Prussia and has since added extensive manufacturing and distribution facilities in Shanghai, China and Oakland, California. The company which expanded its U.S. based operations and personnel in 2010 is also certified as a woman-owned business.

“Our external business partners bring ideas, technology, creativity, diversity and innovation to our business. We are truly grateful for their commitment and dedication to helping P&G fulfill its Purpose of touching and improving the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come,” said Bob McDonald, P&G’s chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer.