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Your company has an innovative product and now you need a trusted, strategic partner to bring it to market. At Havpak, we’re recognized around the world for providing top quality packaging, assembly, injection molding and manufacturing services. We offer scalable services to your specifications on demand, and have the facilities to manufacture and ship on a global scale.

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Domestic and International Facilities
State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Solutions

Why Partner with Havpak?

Why Partner with Havpak?

Havpak features state of the art packaging, assembly and manufacturing facilities that are located in Great Valley, King of Prussia, and Erie, Pennsylvania, San Leandro, California and Shanghai, China.


Learn more about the breadth of manufacturing services and technologies found across our International locations.
About Us

About Us

Havpak is a world-leader in top-quality packaging, assembly and manufacturing services. We pride ourselves not only in our products – but in our employees that bring your ideas to life.

Havpak Partner Promise

We will provide you the workforce, equipment, quality and care expected for your product.


With domestic and International facilities, we manufacture leveraging efficiencies on a global scale.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our facilities feature technology to deliver cost-competitiveness, cost efficiency and dependable service for our customers.

Custom Solutions

Utilize our custom injection molding and tool-making services to meet the exact needs of your product.

Quality and Compliance

With over 25 years of experience working with regulatory standards, we strive to match our high-quality production with responsive and customized service.


We have grown from a small family-owned company into a full-service global resource by providing honest value and generating trust with our valued customers.
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