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Metal Stamping

metal_stampingHavpak’s Shanghai Facility provides state of the art metal stamping machinery and capabilities to provide our customers efficiency and SAVINGS that are not available anywhere else.

Provide your customers with the highest quality metal parts stamped by Havpak. Havpak provides you with an experienced, scalable workforce that enables you to grow your business at peak periods or reduce your labor force when needed. No need to absorb all of the labor costs, benefits, insurance requirements, and liability. Your company never has to absorb the cost of purchasing new equipment or repairing used equipment. You never have to watch your investment depreciate, Havpak handles it all for you.

The Havpak design and manufacturing team, works with you from start (the design and production of your tooling) to finish (the actual stamping of your parts, packing, assembly and shipping). All work contracted to Havpak’s is done to your strict S.O.P’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to insure the highest quality.